Debbie Grim YatesDebbie Grim Yates grew up in a family of musicians, so it’s only natural that she would begin playing an instrument at a very young age.

Before long she had mastered a dynamic, precise claw hammer banjo style that is distinctly her own as well as the ability to saw out a barn-burner on the fiddle.

Her soft, yet amazingly powerful voice has a special quality that simply soothes the soul as you listen.

Debbie really loves to perform, and her many years of picking and singing with theĀ Konnarock Critters has helped mold her into one of the genre’s most entertaining performers.

Tim YatesTim Yates has played both guitar and standup bass for over 20 years with his family band The Yates Brothers as well as some of the biggest names in Bluegrass.

He has also toured the United States with Wyatt Rice and Santa Cruz, The Jimmy Goudreau Bluegrass Unit and The Tony Rice Unit.

Tim is an outstanding singer with a honey-smooth voice that perfectly compliments wife Debbie’s, but what really sets him apart from other performers is his mastery of the guitar.

Any time Tim Yates takes a guitar break you had better look away because you’re likely to fall under the spell of the amazing sights and sounds of his guitar work.

Tim and Debbie Yates each come from a long line of musicians and performers, and they simply love being able to pass their precious musical heritage on to their beautiful daughters Molly and Sadie.

As you can see in the picture below, the girls love to perform on stage, doing so with exceptional stagemanship. Molly and Sadie are the latest recipients of the gift of a rich musical heritage, and that gift appears to be in good hands indeed.

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Molly Yates at Heartwood 7
Molly Yates, age 17, has been composing and performing her original songs at a very early age. The unique style of her writing blends 2015-06-27-00068effortlessly with her captivating vocal range. The mandolin, guitar, and old-time banjo are the instruments that she plays the most on stage, along with the rest of her multi-talented family.


Yates-8Sadie Yates, age 15, plays bass-fiddle, dujo (half dulcimer/banjo), and also occasionally picks up the guitar. Her impeccable vocal range has been ideYates-11ntified as the “harmonic glue” that enhances the family band sound.