Yates Family

Yates Family

Tim and Debbie Yates have combined their lives, talents, and musical roots to create one of the areas most entertaining musical groups today.

Both performing over 35 years, Tim began playing with his family band, John Yates and the Yates Brothers. Debbie also played with the original Konnarock Critters.

Together, Tim and Debbie formed Acoustic Heritage – The Yates Family Band, located in Konnarock Virginia, adjacent to Whitetop Mountain.

Their two daughters, Molly age 17 and Sadie age 15, have been performing since they could stand and hold and instrument on stage. The most powerful presence of the siblings is their breath-taking harmonies. The sister’s possess positive and good-hearted stagemanship.

Molly has been writing and composing at a very early age. Her unique style of writing is beyond her years. She plays mandolin, guitar and sometimes throws in old-time banjo. Sadie’s impeccable vocal range has been identified as the “harmonic – glue” that enhances the family band sound.DEP_2075 She plays bass-fiddle, and dujo (half dulcimer/banjo), and also picks up the guitar.

A special thank you to family members that performed through the years as the girls grew into the music: Jordon Yates, nephew to Tim, that fills in at various shows, altering instruments to accompany the musical diversity of the band; Bruce Waters, a dear friend that also joins in at various performances; Greg Yates, Tim’s brother, for always smiling; Lorene Ball, Debbie’s mother, for influencing the musical heritage.

We hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy playing as a family band!

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